Bessie Bardot swings back to party

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Partying with a Hummer full of scantily dressed glamazons at The Ivy's White Party, yummy mummy Bessie Bardot is swinging right back into the party scene after months of MIA.

After multiple business attempts and new ventures including nude model management, book writing, event speaker, and reality TV host, the former nude model and her Commando partner Geoff Barker are most clicked for photos of herself in a bisexual orgy.

The pictures, which have been doing the rounds for several years, came as no surprise to industry folk, which are claimed to be stolen and a "malicious assault" on her privacy, but she might take heart in knowing Sydney has seen the photos all before - literally.

Bardot, who is pictured exposed and wide open, shall we say, entangled with her husband Geoff Barker, four other women and another man, says the photos were stolen by someone who recently hacked into her computer.

And while rumours suggested the photos were a Paris Hilton-style publicity stunt and the photos were sent from Bardot's own e-mail address, Bardot and Barker were said to be devastated by the leak. OMFG!

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